the fact that it’s raw it’s knowing what plants are gonna giveus the benefits. What plants have the things that we ultimately need and having a connectionwith those to find the best way to preserve the nutrient value of every food.John Yes. Alright well that was a great interview. Thank you for your time Jeremy.Jeremy You’re welcome.John We appreciate your expertise about cacao with myself and now my viewers. So once againthis is John Kohler with and remember you wanna keep eating your fresh fruits andvegetables and freshest as possible and grow them yourself that’s what really raw foodsabout. Well see you next time.

ut that inthere it’s already a part of thedocument but reinforce it don’t beafraid to just write when you write yourprice inclusive of GST we also when welook at it there is a position on thefront contract particular page that sayswhat goods are included goods beingfixtures they’ve recently changed thename from shadows and fixtures and alltheit’s now called goods on your contractit’s very important that you right afterwhat goods are included that all of themwill be in working order when you settlethe property and I found this out thehard way unfortunately we’ve had someclients who unfortunately over years

look for any damages tothe apron see if there’s any Moore Truck Parts welds orholes in the even that should not bethere make sure to secure it to thebottom of the trailer we’re going tocheck to make sure there’s no gap ordaylight in between our fifth wheel andour apron and check to make sure thefifth wheel is properly greased andlubricated we’re going to look for anydamages to the fifth wheel we’ll makesure that all the bolts are tightsecured and presentcheck the release handle tweeters intothe lock position and any safety devicesthat associated with it I want to checkour fifth wheel

case happens but whathappens most critically as family law solicitors sydney disclosurewhich is where parties exchange theirfinancial informationinformation about the childreneverything they need to know we don’thave trial by ambush in Ontario so youhave to show all your documents theother side they’ve shown you all theirdockets which they’re building theircase you can see what they have they getto see what you have that’s right andthat’s and it happens throughout theprocess and as you do that